The Wonders of WordPress.

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Well last week Wendy and myself crouded around a computer, note books in hand with Jackie giving us some wordpress pointers.  It would be right in saying that I looked and felt fazed after 2 hours, while Wendy cheerful as ever could have kepted going.

Today Wendy and I met again with the computer screen, this time without Jacky to guide us.  How did we do you ask? well not too bad and we didn’t crash anything.  Which is what we both thought we might do, however hard we tried not to.  So Wendy has a lovely page displaying her paintings and pastels.  I am hoping that in the next few weeks the page will be twiked a bit, and Wendy has said she will upload a photograph of herself.

Tomorrow it is my turn to update my own page, changing all of the oil pastel images of children at play.   My hands are a bit cranky so the intricate oil pastel sgraffito work will have to have a rest for a while.

Creswell Craggs sketching is underway for most of us, its so exciting.  Here is one of my pictures from last week, so peaceful there.  You haved to check the opening times now which have been reduced till the spring.


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